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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Stress Management

I am posting this because I have realized an answer to one of the questions that I had when I was younger. I used to be pretty bad at stress management and wondered how everyone else was so good at it. That is actually of the many reasons I started writing this blog. I saw all these methods that people had at living great lives and wanted to write and spread those strategies to people who did not grow up with them. I know, I am a true psych major at heart.

Stress management is kind of like chess. When you play, or in the case of stress come viscously assaulted by your bodies passions, you have to come up with a strategy. What are you going to do the next time you are locked in a closet with no way out other than to break down the door, when you've already had a bad day? Yes, the broken closet door becomes the straw that broke the camels back, but it also so much more isn't it? It did not only break the camels back, it also maced over 1,000 babies in a nursery, kicked over 100 innocent puppies (the ones with the really cute looking eyes and could probably be a canonized saints if they had souls), and caused world hunger. This is no longer an innocent story of a door that happened to stop working. No, this is much bigger than that; this is now officially a matter of good versus evil! So get your coffee and hand grenades ready-- You are in for a long day.

Instead of lamenting about the difficulty of the task, why don't you pull out your mace that you had pre-enchanted with a 50% chance of dazing target upon impact and you throw down all your cool downs? When else were you going to use shield wall anyways? I mean honestly, you have make sure that your enemy goes down quickly and swiftly. There are many other lv. 80 doors in this dungeon on patrol and if you wait too long the enemies will start to re-spawn and did I mention the lv, "??" elite boss (That's right, the monster is on such a high level that you are so puny and insignificant that your are not even worthy enough to KNOW the monsters level!) What I am trying to say is take whatever it is that is stressing you out and completely blow it out of proportion and enjoy the massive battle between good and evil! 

I remember a good example of this happened when I asked a friend of mine how they could possibly be  rolling on the ground laughing only moments after my car got towed in Canada. She said, "it was so funny." I would not have realized, without said friend, how comical the situation was. So what's the big secret to stress management? Realize that not everything needs to be taken seriously. I mean if you're going to blow things out of proportion anyway, why not blow it out of proportion in a way that will save your soul?

"But I pointed out to him that this sense of wrong was really subjective and relative; it rested entirely upon the assumption that the drawer could, should, and would come out easily. “But if,” I said, “you picture to yourself that you are pulling against some powerful and oppressive enemy, the struggle will become merely exciting and not exasperating."

Forget the assumption that everything should work, run, and function properly. Forget that people should be normal; when has that ever been true?! And always remember,

"everything depends upon the emotional point of view." G.K. Chesterton

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